Pratap Park- A Modern Breeze To The Old And Glamorous Udaipur

Udaipur- the White City, has always been a city of surprises- grand lake palaces, ghats, and parks. To add to this grandeur, Pratap Park now has joined the list of tourist attractions in Udaipur.  There are many Resorts in Udaipur city, book any one of it and add this place to your must visit places in Udaipur. Here is an elucidation on the new addition- Maharana Pratap Park.

Historical Significance

Built in the memory of Late Shri Pratap Singh Bhandari, who has been the man behind blowing soul into the tourism of Udaipur, this park is made on the ground that holds a lot of history. The park is built on the southern banks of Pichola Lake that carries four islands having the four most luxurious palace in neighborhoods- Jag Niwas(Lake Palace), Jag Mandir, Mohan Mandir, and Arsi Vilas.

Aesthetic value

Pratap Park captures the four magnificent and glorious palace complexes in one panoramic frame. The southern part of Pichola Lake is denser than its northern counterpart. There are two ways to reach this park- one road comes via Mulla Talai. This road is perilous with narrow lanes, while the other is the adventurous and easy route via Dudh Talai, through a jungle road. Pratap park is a must visit observatory spot, to experience the beautiful scenic view of the lake and palaces that can be captured in one camera click.

Eco-friendly Ambience

The park is equipped with modern eco-friendly equipment like solar lights, Indian Lilac fertilizers, recycled cement slurry tiles and local stones. You can come for a walk here in the evenings and experience the wonderful gush of fresh air across your skin. This is the modern touch to the old city of Udaipur.

Major attraction

The park is built on a 1.377 acres land, comprising of an open gymnasium, 250 m acupressure walking the track, gardens with Mogra flowering and ample parking. This park provides the perfect ambience for tourists, trekkers, travelers, and locals. Just a few kilometers away from the major accommodations in Udaipur, Pratap Park should be the perfect summer evening destination

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